Friday, 7 December 2012

Picking Adventures - Chock a block!

My picking sis and I set off early for a clearing sale auction. Lucky we did leave early as we managed to take a few slight detours on the way. Still, we arrived with plenty of time to spare and what we saw more than lived up to the expectations from the pre auction pics. It was with trepidation that we waited to see how bidding would be. Would we leave with an empty van?
I took a few pics before it started, of interesting things I wouldn't mind bringing home with me. Some of these I did, some I didn't.

But it did take us 45 mins to manage to load everything we bought into the van. It was chock a block! My sis had her feet up on a box in the front and I drove with a pram hood behind me lol. Can you spot some of the awesome things we did get?

I'm hot, dirty and tired, thirsty and sunburnt but very happy!
Most of this will be for sale sometime next week.

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