Friday, 25 January 2013

New Years Treasures

The treasure hunting scene has been gradually picking up steam as many op shops work through their holiday donation inundation and people are back to garage saling.
Today I dropped into one of my local stores and found more than a few pretties.
A Kokeshi doll for my sister's collection.

A Uranium glass plate with frosted floral pattern. I shall have to find my large uv light to give this plate justice. My little keychain device isn't large enough to capture the surface area.

A set of 3 wall sparrows, made in Japan, with red diamonte eyes. The largest has the point of the tail missing and another has the tip taped in place. Just the one intact. Lucky I was able to get a better price than they had on them, which was a bit silly I thought. How much would you pay for these in this condition?

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Begone Mission Brown! Pretty Patina..

I have seen where others have restored old door and cupboard hardware back to bare metal by a slow simmer in the crock pot, so when I saw what might have been a pretty enamel candle holder if it weren't for a hideous coat of Mission Brown paint, (Cross Road Collectables) I got to wondering what was underneath. After I had scratched and picked at the paint enough to see a pretty blue peeking through, I felt compelled to buy it and try the crock pot method for myself.
And so it sat on the shelf, all brown and ugly for a few weeks until I slow cooked a roast one day. I swapped the insert for my soap making bowl and set it to bubble over night. And most of the next day.
So here is what I found. Ugly Duckling to Swan? Sure, it has more than its fair share of chips and knocks, but is that any reason to paint it BROWN! I think it is beautiful! :)

Friday, 7 December 2012

Picking Adventures - Chock a block!

My picking sis and I set off early for a clearing sale auction. Lucky we did leave early as we managed to take a few slight detours on the way. Still, we arrived with plenty of time to spare and what we saw more than lived up to the expectations from the pre auction pics. It was with trepidation that we waited to see how bidding would be. Would we leave with an empty van?
I took a few pics before it started, of interesting things I wouldn't mind bringing home with me. Some of these I did, some I didn't.

But it did take us 45 mins to manage to load everything we bought into the van. It was chock a block! My sis had her feet up on a box in the front and I drove with a pram hood behind me lol. Can you spot some of the awesome things we did get?

I'm hot, dirty and tired, thirsty and sunburnt but very happy!
Most of this will be for sale sometime next week.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Mystery plate.

Does anyone know anything about this type of plate? Is there a name or style? No makers marks.

Saturday, 6 October 2012


Where the road takes me.. A Friday garage sale was an unexpected treasure trove. Vintage caravan cushions anyone?
How about extreme kitsch lamb cookie jar for $1? Not to mention irresistible blue bunny plate and mug with a whistle handle?
And so much, much, more.
Very satisfying considering I wasn't able to do my usual Saturday treasure hunt :)
Many items are for sale from my Vintage Aussie Facebook page. ( but not the donkey, lamb and bunny set ;) )

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Flat out Floral

Today I had an enquiry from someone wanting vintage sheets so I gathered some together for photos.

I thought I'd share them with you too. I have a big stash for sewing but it seems to be a little large right now so I thought it was time to sell some to a deserving home.

Some will be going to Marjorie Handmade

The flowers that bloom in the Spring tra-la

Good morning! Here's a quick pic from my home. I'm not a huge fan of fake flowers, but I picked these up on the weekend and have to say I'm liking these roses :) and these blooming beauties will be around long after the Spring. (Though the real perfumed variety are always preferred).