Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Blogtober! Or blog toner according to the iPads autocorrect.

That means I have a chance to actually bring this blog to life for the first time. The Blogtober challenge means I have a challenge to blog every day of October. That's at least 31 blog entries for the month. I know, I missed the first day lol. Ill just do a makeup post :)

Ill try to keep it light on text and image heavy. A picture a day shouldn't be too hard. You'd think.

I usually have something to say daily over on my Vintage Aussie Facebook page www.facebook.com/vintageaussie and I also have a lot to sell. Many of these pics will be from my treasure hunting expeditions so if there's something you love you can even buy it if it hasn't already been snapped up.
To start, ill share some of the last weeks pickings. The doilies and hanky closeups have gone into my private collection. We struck the mother load of doilies and linens and we came home with 600+ items. I never would have thought it possible.
It's a beautiful sun shiney day and perfect for a rumble in the jumble, my regular Tuesday treasure hunt. What will I bring home today?

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