Friday, 20 April 2012

Opshopping Adventure Time!

Welcome to the very first Vintage Aussie post. I decided to start this blog to have a place to share all sorts of vintage things as well as my Opshopping Adventures and Garage Sailing. That way I can keep my stitcharooney blog for my family, sewing and crafting. Sometimes they will cross over so I will post to both. Afterall, vintage sewing is the epitome of both!

Yesterday my sister and my niece, who is visiting from Canberra turned up unannounced and dragged me off to go opshopping (hahaha). It has been a while since we have hit a few of the local stores. It was very hit or miss. But the hits were very BIG hits. One of us would find something amazing at most of the stops. So here's my haul.
 After 3 stops nearly empty handed, the fourth provided a veritable treasure trove. I had been admiring the exact same ship tin at Cross Road Collectables just last weekend, with a much higher price tag of course. To find the same one for just $1 was very exciting. As you can see, the lovely tin below was more expensive, but there was a reason for that.
 When I went to the counter, the lady saw the ship tin and said, "oh, you have the button tin from the shelf over there", but I didn't. But I soon did and yes, the red tin is FULL of buttons. And not jsut your regular garden variety of buttons either, but beautiful, gorgeous and spectacular glass, bakelite and moulded plastic vintage buttons!! Squeeeeeee!
The multiple glass buttons:
Lots of pretties (the flash has lost a lot of the detail from the white ones which are very nice):
And I need to share some of the pretties that my brother in law found in a bag under the seat of his car. no-one knows where they came from! Maybe the previous owner? Lots of large glass ones here too.
Now, back to the op shop.. At the same store I also found an amazing plastic "crystal" divided dish with lid in a gorgeous pink. It would be lovely for holding beads or buttons don't you think?
And then I found this lovely large milk glass cake stand that is perfect from my collection:

I spotted a pretty cardigan for my daughter, my niece spotted this cute plastic moulded deer bowl and I picked up this autumn toned blanket. I have plans for a lovely coat or cape from this one.
And lastly, from a intage linen closet, a whole 20!! crispy new or nearly new, pillowcases in sweet coordinating florals and stripes. they were all sitting together in a basket. It would be a shame to leave some behind don't you think? At .50c each how could I?

Now that's what I call an Opshopping Adventure!


  1. Congrats on the new blog and very cool stuff!

    1. Thank you Julie! I'm testing out the anonymous commenting. You know how frustrating it is when you want to reply to someone but it won't let you? Hopefully this will get around that problem. Hopefully the spambots and trolls won't find me too soon!

    2. Wowee, those buttons!
      and the pillowcases.
      Wonderful opping indeed. :))

  2. I am so jealous, I am totally put off by melbourne op shops there just isn't enough treasure especially at op shop prices


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